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Ghost Monitor
Ghost Monitor is a FREE software that uses webcams and microphones to capture images of paranormal manifestations. This software has been tuned to perform under...
http://www.ghost-monitor.com/GhostMonitorInstaller... - 3.05MB - Download - Screenshot

Bigfoot Searcher
This is the pefect free computer program for searchers of Bigfoot. This program was created for those that not only believe in the creatures known as bigfoot or...
http://www.rb59.com/bsearch/bsrv.zip - 1.15MB - Download - Screenshot

XParanormal Detector
XParanormal Detector is an application designed to try to detect paranormal activity in your surroundings . It employs your existing computer hardware to measure...
http://www.extremesenses.com/software/dl/setupxpar... - 5.53MB - Download - Screenshot

3D Bricks Valley ScreenSaver
Increase the paranormal activity near your PC and rise the overall positivity level with this 3D tunnels screensaver. It features different paradoxical special 3D...
http://www.maxysoft.com/files/3DBriksValleyInst.ex... - 1.62MB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Magic Ball 2
There are a lot of alternative parallel worlds that exist in our universe. We live in a world where science and technology rule. But there are other worlds where...
http://free--download.com/download/Magic-Ball-2.zi... - 3.19MB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

UFO Watcher
This is the perfect free computer program for UFO Watchers - Alien Abduction Researchers and UFOlogists. This program lets you record detailed information about...
http://www.rb59.com/starship/ufowrv.zip - 870KB - Download - Screenshot

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